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    Increased traffic, positive reviews, and revenue from your online business, may cause one to soar!

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    We have won awards for web design all over the world! We love local business no matter what size and we offer our clients competitive pricing!
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Is your website design RESPONSIVE?

Make our site a window, grab any corner of your browser and shrink our site down to the size of an iPhone or Android. Watch the site magically change... is it magic or is it smart? We design Incredibly useful layouts through functional planning.  Offer your website viewers features of all possibilities, allowing your website to be used on multiple platforms such as tablets and smart phones.

Fully Responsive and Mobile Minded

Our website design features fully responsive layouts and web designs built from the ground up or utilizing your favorite template to ensure perfect presentation of your content from the smallest mobile devices to the largest desktop displays.  Responsive is the future but again its also optional, we still do have clients that want a fixed size website and we have no problem providing fixed website design as well.



Colorfully Stylish Presets

The website designs we create can be prepared to have multiple looks and color palettes so your site can be switched on the fly to represent different holidays, seasons, and moods!



CMS (content management system) website design and easy to change elements

Every website design we do includes FREE training!  Our CMS (content management system) based sites allow you and whoever you grant access to, to edit your website from mobile devices and other computers!.  We also handle updates for you if you just don't have the time and our fees are quite reasonable!

Valorbound Website designs fill desktops...
...resize on tablets...
and transform to mobile!

  • Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Updates/Support

Three main areas of website design must always be considered in the planning state of your new website. Searchability (being found in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach etc.), Design (the look and feel of your online line personality) and User Interface Design (how easy is it for your viewers to navigate your website and reach the desired area they are looking for}. We would prioritize these items in that order.


Social Media Marketing is the most cost effective form of website and online marketing in this day in age. Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google Plus and others all offer FREE ways to market your business to specific target audiences. If you want your website design to target Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, or other areas you can do this through Social Media Marketing. You can also use social media to target nationwide or international markets.


We work directly with business owners, attorneys, doctors, small offices or large offices and train them to know their website inside and out. Many times we find our clients just don't have the time to update their own website and would rather have a qualified team that can update their web design promptly and at a cost efficient manner, we offer these services as well.

Initial Conceptual Design
Wireframing and Structure
User Interface Implementation
Animation and Polish

Recent Projects

Learn about the latest projects and techniques as well as recent news with these informative articles and posts

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  • "On time website designers!"

    We struggled for a long time to find a web designer in Daytona Beach, Valorbound was precise, thorough, and on time with project deadlines, all their training for our staff they offered for FREE! thx again Valorbound for a fantastic web design experience!

    image Martin M.
  • "Amazing design work and great Search Engine Optimization"

    We needed a website we could manage ourselves and one that would work on all media platforms, not only did we get what we wanted we also receive FREE training from the guys down at Valorbound. Thanks again you guys rock!.

    image John A.
  • "An Impressive Animated Experience for my Visitors, to Ensure the Uniqueness"

    Our website not only looks and behaves incredible, we recieved an order for over 10,000 dollars within the first 30 days, and our site ranked number 1 on Google in six days! Thank you so much Valorbound!

    image Sam S.
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  • Every Company needs a unique plan? Many web design companies offer websites for $200, are they worth a hoot? usually not, what you pay for is what you get and at the same time you only need to pay for what you need and nothing more. 

    The website design prices listed here are industry standard prices, that fluctuate depending on the level of design we do for you, you may need a simple site, a one page teaser, an online gallery, an E commerce solution, every client we work with receives different pricing and we get asked all the time "how much do you charge?". We offer a wide range of pricing and honestly our prices can range anywhere from $200 and up, we also work with different payment options, our clients love these!  Give us a call today to discuss what you need and we can usually give you a price right over the phone!  Thanks again! text or call 386-478-6320.

    Have a site already? But do you do Social Media Advertising!

    Our website design company specializes in doing email blasts, social media campaigns such as Facebook posting, YouTube advertising and much more!  We also work exclusively with our clients, so if there are competitors that are in the same line of business you do and we are already assisting you with social media we will not work with them, ONLY you!  We serve many of the Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Deland and New Smyrna Beach businesses with their website design and social media campaigns.  Visit our Portfolio to view just a few of our 300+ clients.

    Learn More About Valorbound - Website Design Daytona Beach and Edgewater Florida

    Get more information about this incredible award winning web design team and what they have to offer you and your company! let us help you on your present and your future projects.  We offer nationwide website design and love to work with any size companies in the Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater Florida areas.