The two charts below are dynamically driven by data, and probably caught your eye, we can do animations, music and viral graphics that get the word rolling about your ads and online campaigns, find out more through our social media website click here.

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Our Social Media Services

Most of the country uses social media to communicate and its the fastest thing to update and post ad campaigns on, we’ve worked with over 300 clients in the social media department.

If you hire us to do your social media marketing then in most situations all of your website updates and changes are included for free!

We Do Our Best

Proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise is what drives us to help you plan your social media growth strategies.

  • Monthly meetings for planned advertising
  • Multiple social media software posting
  • Email blasts, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and more!

Social Media Marketing

Why Should You Choose Us?

Many of the ads you see on Facebook are probably one of ours!  Many clients have exclusive rights to us and we lock arms with our clients and once we design for your company and begin your social media campaign we only work with your business and we wont work with any other company in your county that does what you do!

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We know how to get viewers to “like and share”

There is an algorithm that social media uses to spread your posts to other people, do you know what it is? we do!

Catchy viral ads are key

There is a reason you only remember the bad, or crazy commercials you see on TV.

Timing is everything

Do you know when the best time to post or blog is? we do!

Ultimate Control

We post and blast on a schedule with timers and reminders, we have ultimate control.