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We love our job as website designers because we love what we do! We are all geeks here and love computers yet we are also artists, organizers, and a little crazy! put that all together and you have someone who loves to sit at the computer design, build and create! We also love to work with good people, if you have a great company and want to work with a great team of designers then give us a call and let us come meet with you!

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Valorbound Design Team

Voltaire Andrews

CEO and Creative Director

With a background and degree in both Art and Computer Technology, Voltaire combines his skills in both to guide his web design and digital media team to success when working on client designs, web sites and social media marketing.  Valorbound’s one goals are to make sure your Website and Web Presence is not only responsive and mobile ready but to also be found on today’s search engines.

Specializes in: Computer Science, Graphics and Marketing, Art and Aesthetics and Business Management, Video Game Development, App Development.

Amanda Andrews

Marketing Director

Amanda has a keen ability to analyze target market strategy, and get your website targeting the correct audience and demographic, she is the perfect choice for getting your site seen by a huge audience.

Specializes in: Online/Social Media Market Strategies.

Valor Andrews

Creative Director

Austin Dolich

Art Director

Austin has been our lead Art Director for over 2 years with a background in computer engineering, and has been a great corner stone to our design department, he is skilled in website design layout and mockups, website coding and CMS design, and SEO marketing.

Specializes In: Photoshop, Adobe Suite, WordPress, FTP Server Management, Client Relations

Adam Brain

Art Director

Adam has been a Lead Art Director for over 5 years, with a background in website design and engineering. Working alongside others, he has a talented eye for website design, html coding, and SEO optimization.

Specializes In: Photoshop,  WordPress, FTP Server Management, Client Relations, SEO tools.

Core Developers

Laura Edwards


Duane Richards


Alex Wilding


Hugo Mirone


Support Team

Lee Xiang

Project Coordinator

Terrance Balough

File Management

Elaine Gimofti

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Woobox

Larry Beck

Webdesign, Facebook Ad Designer

Lydia Knolls

Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Youtube

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